Authentic Vietnamese – 3 times in Hamburg

Hanoi Deli is 3 times in Hamburg. Here you can find authentic vietnamese cuisine. There is the Deli Rathaus HH, the Deli Eppendorf HH and the Deli Colonnaden HH. These pictures were taken at the Deli in the Colonnaden.

I had the Nem Thit Rán

Hanoi Deli - Authentic Vietnamese

for starters. It’s fried rice-paper rolls filled with ground beef and vegetables with Lime-Chili-Dressing and later the Bánh Choi

Hanoi Deli - Authentic Vietnamese

for dessert. It is banana in a rice coat with peanuts and black beans in a salty coconut sauce. For a European it is unusual at first, because we are not used to salty desserts, but it was delicious.

The website of the Hanoi Deli is Here

Hanoi Deli – Colonnaden
Colonnaden 39
20354 Hamburg

If you’ve been here before or you go here soon, I would be delighted when you leave a comment.

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