Yes, water is important. And water is healthy. And everyone should drink at least two liters of it a day, but almost everyone doesn’t like it. It tastes bland, carbonated water doesn’t really taste better and most flavored water either contains sugar, or artificial sugar, which is just as bad, since it sparks your appetite more.

Water is a necessity for healthy eating, but on top of it you can drink so many other things, laden with flavor. It doesn’t have to be a soft drink or lemonade.

Here you can find my recipes for drinks:


smoothie drinks


Smoothies are pureed fruits and/or vegetables.

lassi drinks


Lassis are made with yoghurt. They originated from India and were brought to Europe by British Colonialists.


Here you can find recipes about cocktails, some contain alcohol, others don’t.


Shakes are made with milk, but it doesn’t have to be dairy milk.

hot drinks


Here are recipes for hot drinks of all kinds, including teas and coffees, but there’s so much more.