Gluten free breakfast in Hamburg

People from Hamburg love it to go out for breakfast. There is a saying in northern Germany to “eat like an emperor” in the morning. It is a lot more relaxed to meet up with others for breakfast when you can go out. You don’t have to make anything and you don’t have to clean up afterwards either. But it is difficult to find something where you can safely eat with allergies. So here is my list with gluten free breakfast in Hamburg.

1. G(l)ut’n’free

Glutenfrei Frühstücken in Hamburg im G(l)ut'n'freeG(l)ut’n’free
Spritzenplatz 10
22765 Hamburg

Train station Altona

Tel: 040 325 225 25

Opening hours
Monday to Friday

8am – 7pm

9am – 4pm


3 possibilities to pick your breakfast from

Sweet breakfast    8,30€
Croissant, 1 bun of your choosing, two jams and butter

Savoury breakfast – Meat    8,30€
2 buns of your choosing,  tea sausage spread, quark with herbs, cream cheese “Gustav brennt”, 1 slice smoked pork chop, 2 slices ham, butter and tomatoes

Savoury breakfast – Cheese    8,30€
2 buns of your choosing with Camembert, 3 slices of cheese, cream cheese “Gustav brennt”, quark with herbs, chutney, butter and tomatoes

Since there are only gluten free buns and breads here, there is no contamination possible. Moreover all buns and even the cinnamon rolls are made without gluten free wheat starch, by the flourrebells from Quickborn.

Of course you can also eat a cinnamon roll, a donut or any of the other sweet baked goods.

My opinion
I am a very big fan of cinnamon rolls, which is why I had one for breakfast. And a Latte Macchiato along with it. But I also had the opportunity to try one of the dark baguettes with the chilli cream cheese called “Gustav burns”. They are suuuuuuper delicious, but the cream cheese is quite spicy as well.
The buns are really good as well, not as soggy as the ones from Shär, but neither too try and most of the time even without a hole in the middle.  The croissants are moist and fluffy, but they only have them on the weekend.

Read more about the G(l)ut’n’free Café HERE or more about the gluten free supermarket HERE.

2. Café Compass

Glutenfrei Frühstücken in Hamburg im KompassCafé Kompass
Weidenstieg 24
20259 Hamburg

Tube Station Christuskirche

Tel: 040 723 763 00

☀ Summer opening hours
Mon: closed
Tue-Fri: 9:00 – 22:00
Sat: 10:00 – 22:00
Sun: 10:00 – 21:00

3 possibilities to pick your breakfast from

Sweet breakfast    5,90€
1 mini Croissant, 1 bun, honey, jam, nutella

Savoury breakfast   6,90€
2 buns, assorted cold cuts

Vegan breakfast  5,90€
2 vegan buns, vegan spread

The gluten free versions all cost 1€ more than the “normal” ones. The prices above are those with the additional Euro already added.

The bread and the buns are both made in a backing bag, so that there is no contamination with the other bread and buns they use.

My opinion
I really liked the sweet breakfast. Since there is honey, jam and nutella it is varied, even though still entirely focused on being sweet. The bread from Resch&Frisch was absolutely incredible, but sadly it has gluten free wheat starch in it, where I know not everyone can eat it. But for those who can eat it I can only recommend to try it.

In the summer you can sit outside in the pub garden and they have a sand box and toys for kids as well.

They also have the least expensive breakfast. When you have the sweet breakfast (even when you have the gluten free version) and a Latte Macchiato, you’re still under 10€.

3. Café Knuth

Glutenfrei Frühstücken in Hamburg bei KnuthCafé Bar Knuth 
Große Rainstraße 21
22765 Hamburg

Tel: 040 460 087 08

Approach: Train station Altona

Opening hours
Monday – Saturday
from 9am
from 10am till 8pm

There are 7 possibilities to pick your breakfast from until 3pm every day

Sweet breakfast   6,20€
Croissant, bun, self-made jam, honey, quark, cream cheese, nutella

Small breakfast   6,40€
Multi grain bun, bread, cold cuts, cheese, self-made jam

Small cheese breakfast   6,40€
Multi grain bun, bread, cheese selection, self-made jam

Small vegan breakfast   7,80€
Multi grain bun, bread, tofu spread, vegetarian paste,self-made jam

French cheese breakfast  12,50€
Croissant, multi grain bun, baguette, French cheese selection, fig mustard, self-made jam

Big breakfast   11,50€
Croissant, 2 buns, cold cuts, cheese selection,self-made jam, cream cheese

Italian breakfast   11,50€
Ciabatta, 2 multi grain buns, Italian cold cuts and cheese, mozzarella & pesto

They also have quite a lot of extras you can order on top, for example scrambled eggs, quark or rice pudding.

Principally a gluten free bun costs 1,80 €, when you order it individually. But when you order a gluten free breakfast they only charge the balance. One bun or two slices of bread cost 1,20€ each. For a small breakfast the balance between gluten free and normal would be 1,20€.

When you are a celiac you can ask for your bun to be left in the bag it’s baked in to completely prevent a contamination.

My opinion
The breakfast in the Knuth ist the most expensive, but you also get a lot. I had the sweet breakfast, sadly without the croissant, because they don’t have gluten free croissants. The waitress was super nice and very understanding when I had to give the Quark back because it had pineapple on it and I am allergic to pineapple as well.

The Knuth is a scene café where you can experience the flair of Ottensen nicely.

Are those the only places I can eat gluten free breakfast in hamburg?

No, I know at least one more (the Paledo) but I haven’t been there yet.

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