Gluten free Restaurants in Hamburg

Since I moved to Hamburg in the 2nd Semester of University I have been searching for gluten free restaurants where I can eat. I write about them here so others can find them, too.

Gluten free Restaurants

Ethiopian-Eritrean culinary delights – Karls Café & Weine
The restaurant  “Karls Café & Weine” in Hamburg Ottensen serves culinary delights from the Ethiopian-Eritrean cuisine. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but inside an adorable dining-room-like decorated restaurant is hidden where you can eat magnificently!
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Rapper Restaurant in the Karolinen district – Gefundenes Fressen
The Restaurant Gefundenes Fressen is owned by Sammy Deluxe, who is a german rap artist and is in the Karolinen district, close to the scene district Sternschanze. Surprisingly there are a few gluten free Options in a “rap-scene” atmosphere.
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Glutenfree Café in Hamburg – Glut’n’free
You can’t only get gluten free bread and rolls here, but also Hamburger buns, sweet cakes and cookies.Apple-pie, lemon cake, cheesecake brownies, maple crumb cake and much more. In the Café you can get coffee, hot- and cold-drinks, too.
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Curry at the Elbe Einkaufszentrum – Long FoodGluten free Restaurants - long food
Long Food is one of the takeaway restaurants in the Elbe-Einkaufszentrum. And it’s got a few of the best Currys I have eaten in Hamburg this far. And a great self made Mango Lassi that is more than worth it’s money.
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Gluten free Restaurants - mongosTraditional Mongolian Cuisine – Mongos – CLOSED
The “Mongos” is a Mongolian restaurant that works a little bit different from other restaurants. There are three possible ways to eat here and through the wide range of ingredients on the food market theres something for everyone.
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Gluten free Brownies International – Starbucks CaféGluten free Restaurants - Starbucks
Founded in 2008 this Cofféhouse is frowned upon by some people and glorified by others. But despite everything negative you might have heard of it Starbucks does have something most Cafés are lacking.
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Gluten free Restaurants - Ti BreizhHouse of the Bretagne – Ti Breizh
Ti Breizh was the first and remains to this day the only breton crêperie in Hamburg. Here you can eat in a beautiful authentic atmosphere that feels like a short holiday in the Bretagne. And that in the middle of the old warehouse district of the city.
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Authentic Vietnamese – Hanoi DeliGluten free Restaurants - Hanoi Deli
The Hanoi Deli is 3 times in Hamburg, but it still feels like a family business. It’s the most authentic vietnamese food I’ve ever had. Their speciality is the PHO soup, but the rest of the menu is worth a visit on it’s own as well.
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