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Nils und Lutz - Glut'n'freeA gluten free friendly Hamburg. That’s the idea behind this website. And on the 16th of March we got a little bit closer. Because that’s when the Café Glut’n’free opened in Hamburg.

Not far from the train station Altona, about 3-5 walking minutes away, you can find the store of  Nils Hilker (left) and Lutz von Buttlar (right). The two friends both follow a gluten free diet.

Vegans and Vegetarians aren’t forced not to eat meat or animal products. Yet their needs are still catered to everywhere. In restaurants and supermarkets are always vegetarian and/or vegan options. But when you are searching for something gluten free you barely find anything and when you ask for it you are met with incomprehension.

This isn’t the case at G(l)ut’n’free: Everything here is gluten free. And that to 100%. The store isn’t a “trend shop”, it is supposed to help people with allergies with their grocery shopping.

Café Glut’n’free

Café Glut'n'free

You can’t only get gluten free bread and rolls here, but also Hamburger buns, sweet cakes and cookies. Apple-pie, lemon cake, cheesecake brownies, maple crumb cake and much more.  You can’t always get everything, but always something new. For example donuts or chocolate chip cookies; Croissants only on weekends.

“We’re very proud of our Franzbrötchen.” Nils said, and they can be. Because as of now it’s the only gluten free Franzbrötchen (a kind of cinnamon roll) in Hamburg. It’s made by the Flour Rebels in Quickborn. Of course I had to try one and I have to say it is definitely something to be proud of.

Latte Macchiato, Franzbrötchen - Glut'n'free

Franzbrötchen 3,50€   –    Latte Macchiato 3,50€

Later Lutz told me, that Katinka from the FlourRebels tells him every so often that her Franzbrötchen are a work of art. With all the handiwork that goes into making just one she is right about that.

The breads and rolls are from different bakeries, for example from the BIO bakery Onder de Linden from Köln, but they are all certified gluten free.

Baguette - Glut'n'free    Brötchen - Glut'n'free

In the Café you can get coffee and coffee-drinks. Again I can only praise the Latte Macchiato, because it was very good. They get their coffee from Coffee Circle, a company which makes sure the coffee farmers are treated fair and get support for their farms and families.

Every product that’s gluten free “by nature” should have a good story. That’s a why they buy their cacao from BecksCacao and their tea from TeaTales, who make organic tea and collaborate with the Stephanus Werkstätten, a company which employs mentally and physically disabled people.

TeaTales - Glut'n'free

You can also get your coffe lactose free or even completely dairy free. And for those who don’t like coffee there are other hot or cold drinks.

Even though theCafé is still a bit bleak the flower bouquets on each table give it a homely and friendly atmosphere.

The baker’s ware isn’t exactly cheap, but when you have to eat gluten free you are used to higher prices by far.

100% Glutenfree Supermarket

At the end of April the supermarket in the back of the café opens. 1200 different groceries will be sold here. Noodles, broth, cereal, spread, pizza, crisps, flour mixtures, pre-cooked dishes, spice blends and, most important for the people in northern Germany: Beer. And everything absolutely gluten free.

I will write about them once more when the shelves are stacked.

Try the fee wifi. 😉

You can find their website here

Spritzenplatz 10
22765 Hamburg


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