Rapper Restaurant in the Karolinen District – Gefundenes Fressen

The last time my parents visited we were in the Rapper Restaurant ‘Gefundenes Fressen’ in the Karolinen district. It’s a rapper restaurant because it’s owned by Sammy Deluxe, who is a german rap artist.

Chick Poppa - Gefundenes FressenI had ‘Chick Poppa’, chicken breast on a skewer (180g), with ‘Mash Up Potatoes’, that’s potato mash from potatoes and sweet potatoes with bacon and fried onions.

Since fried onions contain gluten most of the time I asked for it to be without them and they just fried them in a pan with the bacon instead. I had ‘Teriyaki Squad’ with it, that’s Teriyaki Sauce with roasted sesame seeds (which I only ordered so my dad could it it…).

All of that together costs 17,40€.

Even though my parents had ordered before me and both had asked for their dishes to be gluten free, when I asked for the potato mash to be made “gluten free, so without the fried onions” I had to explain that I wanted it with bacon, because when I said “gluten free” the waiter scribbled “vegan” next to my order.  Even though I had ordered chicken before.

Beef Murrata - Gefundenes FressenMy dad  had ‘Beef Murrata’, that’s beef haunch on a skewer (180g), with the sweet potatoes cuts and ‘Live at the BBQ’ BBQ Sauce.

Together that costs 21€.

In both cases the meat was perfectly fried, not too through, not too rare and with a nice blend of spices. The potato mash was nicely seasoned as well, but the sweet potato cuts could have done with more salt. Or salt at all. They aren’t fried so they aren’t sweet potato fries, just cuts.

My mother had two starters: ‘Delax Asparagus Dream Collabo’, that’s salmon on green asparagus with honey tomatoes and herb cream and ‘Amazeballs Burrata’hat’s that’s a mozzarella burrata with cashew nuts, avocado slices and honey tomatoes.

Those cost 23€.

The salmon with asparagus was very well coordinated taste wise and my mom loved the honey tomatoes, but the burrata was boring in taste. She told me she would have preferred feta cheese, because it would have tasted like ‘more’.

Delax Asparagus Dream Collabo - Gefundenes Fressen    Amazeballs Burrata - Gefundenes Fressen

For dessert we shared a gluten free ‘You know my Cheese’ cheesecake. It was served in a liver sausage tin, which is cool to look at even though it’s bad for the environment. The bottom layer of the cheesecake was made from gluten free biscuits.

The cheese part of the cheese cake tasted really good and the bottom layer was nice too, but it could have been thinner. Half of it would have been thick enough as well. The brittle was with cashew nuts and even though it was a little overdone it tasted good.

I’m not sure what exactly the orange stuff is, it looked like it had peach in it, but tasted sweet and bitter in a way that didn’t really fit with peaches.  👀

The cheesecake costs 7,50€.

You know my Cheese - Gefundenes Fressen

The food was good, even though not phenomenal. It was gluten free, thumbs up for that, but it was quite expensive.

‘Gefundenes Fressen’ has a  rustic interior with a bar made from wooden boxes and decoration from old loudspeakers spray-painted in different colours. Album-covers hung on the walls and the music in the restaurant is very loud, so loud that you can barely hold a conversation.

But it was really full, so apparently a lot of people like that. Well… you won’t go into the restaurant of Sammy Deluxe when you don’t like rap, or rather german rap. Except when you want to eat gluten free…

One more positive thing is the Coke, or rather the bottle it was in. And when you look at the rappers history with social engagement it’s not a surprise either.

Gefundenes Fressen
Marktstraße 130,
20357 Hamburg

You can find their website here

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