Glutenfree Granola, vegan

Granola is great for breakfast or as a sweet and still healthy snack. To find glutenfree Granola in a supermarket is hard, if not impossible, especially if you can’t eat oats or almonds.

Apple Honey-Crunch

Apple Honey-Crunch is a tasty breakfast bowl. Millet flakes are gluten free and they are great to make other things than porridge, for example honey-crunch.

Glutenfree cornflakes

These are glutenfree cornflakes made from corn and rice from the brand Shär. They are one of my favorite mueslis for breakfast. I eat them with with milk or fruit.

Millet Porridge

When you can’t eat oats, millet flakes are a great (and really the only) alternative to make porridge, or millet porridge in this case. But millet flakes are not as easy to use as rolled oats.