Before I knew I was allergic to gluten I loved to bake. Every other weekend I would make cake.

After starting to eat gluten free I tried to make my beloved cakes with gluten free flour. Surprise! It doesn’t work if you try to substitute “normal” flour with gluten free flour.

After reading and trying out several recipes from other websites online, and finding out that some substitutions aren’t available, or cost a lot of money in Europe I came up with my own.

No bake apricot cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most controversial cakes there is. A lot of recipes are with gelatin or with “too much cheese” but I can guarantee that everyone will like this gluten free, gelatin free, no bake apricot cheesecake.

Walnut-Apple Cake

Everyone loves Apple cake or Apple pie. And Walnuts and Apples go together wonderfully. This is a gluten free and egg free Walnut-Apple Cake.

Gluten free Oreo Cheesecake

A lot of people like Oreos, and since there are gluten free “Cocoa-Double Cookies” as well I thought: “Why not make a gluten free Oreo Cheesecake?” and this is it. With a cake recipe for brownies for the cake.

Gluten free Advocaat Cake

Advocaat is a popular liqueur in Germany, well loved on cakes, in coffes, pralines or as a shot. This is a recipe for gluten free Advocaat Cake. I took the traditional recipe from my grandma and changed it until it worked.