Coconut rice pudding

Coconut rice pudding is a great warm meal for a sick day. Or a cold day. Or when you just want something sweet. It’s very filling due to the fat in the coconut milk, so don’t use as much rice for milk pudding as you would use normally.

Baked Vegetables

50 minutes sounds long for making a meal, but when you consider that 35-40 minutes of that is just letting it bake in the oven it’s suddenly not that long anymore. And it’s a very simple and filling meal.

Walnut Pancakes (Vegan)

Everyone loves pancakes. They can be sweet or savory. And everyone can eat them. At least everyone can eat these. They are gluten free, lactose free and vegan. The soy milk can be swapped with any other milk-like product and the soy flour can be switched with no-egg.