Chocolate Pizza, chocolate fondue, hot chocolate and so much more at the Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

When you like chocolate you have to visit the Sam Brown Chocolate Bar in Hamburg Eppendorf.

The chocolate bar is based on a concept that is still new to Europe and is the only store in all of Germany that works like this. It can fulfill the dreams of all chocolate lovers. In Australien and Japan bars of this kind are more common and there are similar concepts in the USA and in Canada.

Sam Brown is an Australian and name giver of the¬†‘Sam Brown Chocolate Bar’.¬†He wants to establish a new chocolate culture in Germany with¬†his bar:

“I invite you to see my love story, to smell it, to taste it and to experience it.”

Of course you can get different variations of hot chocolate in the chocolate bar, but also filled chocolates, ¬†chocolate frapp√©s, chocolate-pizza, chocolate-fondue with different kinds of chocolate to choose from and different things to dip, “Belgian Waffles”, ice cream and normal breakfast with rolls or croissants.

Grand opening of the SAM BROWN CHOCOLATE BAR is on the 26th of APRIL 2017¬†ūüćę

Hot Chocolate - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar Spanish Spicy Hot Chocolate - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

I ordered a¬†“Salted Caramel Chocolate” and a¬†“Spanish Spicy” (with chili, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper), with dark chocolate. You can also get it with milk-chocolate or white chocolate. Both were served in a so called¬†“touch mug”. What is special about it? It doesn’t have a handle and it’s not round but oval.

The hot chocolate is made from Belgian chocolate and because of that it is very rich in flavor, but not too fatty or too sweet. My hot chocolate tasted like a liquid christmas cookie and my mother liked the taste of her¬†“Salted Caramel Schokolade” too.

Later on I had the chance to try the “White Chocolate Chai Latte” and I can only recommend it to every chai latte fan to try it at least once. It’s very sweet due to the white chocolate in it, but it’s something completely different to all other chai lattes I have tried¬†until now.

Hot Chocolate, Cafe and Cake - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar Cafe Latte - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

My dad had a “Cafe Latte¬†and a homemade “Chocolate-Cherry Cake(not gluten free). It was served with ice cream. You can order the coffee with English coffee (it’s a very strong coffee), but also with a more mild coffee, depending on what you like.

The entire Bar is decorated in a chocolate theme, with pictures, paintings and sayings, for example: ¬†“Keep calm and eat Chocolate” and¬†“Chocolate is good for you.”

Wall fun - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar  Pictures - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

On one of the walls you can learn something about the History of chocolate:

“Did you know that the history of cocoa and chocolate goes back almost 4000 Years? Or that cocoa played an important role as a currency in the Mayan and Aztec culture? Cocoa and Chocolate are not merely the sensual foodstuffs that make people happy: they have a rich past. Cocoa and Chocolate were first consumed for medical purposes. It was only later that they became popular foodstuffs due to their seductive taste. There are few foodstuffs which have such a rich and intriguing history as chocolate and cocoa. Just like coffee, we¬†inherited the cocoa bean from the mysterious pre-columbian cultures in Latin America. When Cort√©s first imported cocoa to Europe and when he learned how to make a chocolate drink with it, it caused quite a stir: devine to some, heretical to others.
Even today cocoa and chocolate still exude an aura of mystery, luxury and pleasure.”

History of Chocolate - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

Even the ceiling is pretty and the post picture is a mural on one of the walls of the bar. It (naturally) depicts chocolate again, this time the differences and similarities of white and dark chocolate.

Decke - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar Mural - Sam Brown Chocolate Bar

The¬†Bar is a must for all chocolate fans!¬†ūüćꬆ And I recommend a visit to everyone.
Grand opening is on the 26th of April!

You can find them on Facebook HERE

Sam Brown Chocolate Bar
Eppendorfer Landstraße 112A
20249 Hamburg

If you’ve been here before or you go here soon, I would be delighted when you leave a comment.

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