Traditional Mongolian Cuisine in Hamburg

The “Mongos” is a Mongolian restaurant that serves traditional Mongolian cuisine, with a modern twist. It is based on the way Mongolian warriors made their food thousands of years ago.

There are three possible ways to eat here:

  1. a la carte
  2. mongos total
  3. mongos select

A la carte works like any other restaurant you know. You get the menu and can order from it.

However, that is not the reason one goes here.

It’s the two other options:

  • When you pick the total you pay 24,90€ and can eat as much as you like.
  • When you pick the select you only pay for what you actually ate. 2,87€ / 100g.
    BUT you never pay more than 24,90€.

As a student you can get 33% off, but only from Monday to Thursday.

And how does it work?

When you pick the total you the a soup of the day and their self made curry bread with dip as a starter.

Then you pick a marinade from their menu (my favorite here is flamed tandoori). You go to the so called “food market” which contains lots of different vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, seeds, nuts and noodles. There you pick out what you want to eat and put it in your bowl. Then everything is fried on a grill in your marinade of choice and brought to your table, with a bowl of rice.

You can go again as often as you like and every time you go to the food market again you can change your marinade as well.

And on Tuesday you can order a selection of insects with the total for free.

Traditional Mongolian Cuisine

Starter                                               Drink

Mongos - Traditional Mongolian Cuisine - Starter mongos - strawberry daiquiry - less Traditional Mongolian Cuisine

Main Course

Mongos - Hauptgang - Traditional Mongolian Cuisine

I think in this bowl I had mungo-sprouts, glass-noodles, cashew-nuts, sugar-peas, mussels, soy-beans, carrot slices, patate-slices and salad. It was fried in the “Flamed Tandoori” marinade.

This is their website: Mongos Hamburg.

Mongo’s Restaurant Hamburg
Straßenbahnring 15
20251 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel / Eppendorf


The Mongos in Hamburg is now closed, have any of you been there before it was closed, or have you visited one of the Mongos restaurants in a different town?

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