Of course I don’t only search for gluten free restaurants where I live, but also when I travel. So wherever I go I am on the look out for places where I can eat gluten free. I write about them here so others can find them, too.

They are sorted by the city you can find them in.


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Vegetarian Indian Cuisine – Sagar
Sagar are vegetarian, Indian restaurants of which four are in London. One in North Harrow, one in Covent Garden, one in Tottenham Court Road and one in Hammersmith. They have quite a few gluten free options on their menu.
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Crêpes à la carte - Galette - gluten free.Gluten free Galettes – Crêpes á la carte
Crêpes à la carte serves crepes and galettes in Camden Town. Previously only found on markets they now have a restaurant, too! And since Galettes are traditionally made from 100% Buckwheat flour, they are naturally gluten free.
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